Say hello to Cat Schmitz!

Cat Schmitz lives in a colorful world floating among an assortment of clouds, polka dots, dancing birds, and mysterious wiggles. Cat’s quest for herself (and others) is to live a life that her six-year old self would be proud of. A life with a tad more giggling, a dash of spontaneity, a handful of comfort, and a heap of more color in our everyday lives.

She designs comfort objects for grown ups in an attempt to help people find their way again, with the idea in mind that a comfortable and happy environment will build a strong foundation for bolder, more courageous decision making towards a life well lived.

What's happening in the world of Cat?

  • ~ thank you ~

    ~ thank you ~

  • Finding my way back ~

    Finding my way back ~

  • See you ~ in person ~

    See you ~ in person ~

So how did we end up here?

After receiving not one, but two once-in-a-lifetime scholarships and attending New York University and Parsons School of Design, Cat Schmitz embraced New York City and got to work. She designed prototypes, interactive experiences, and games for companies such as Sesame Street, the History Channel, Verizon, New York University, Meta, Google, and more. She was a full time professor at New York University before the age of 30, an Art Director for Sesame Street, the valedictorian of her class at Parsons School of Design, and has won numerous awards for her game designs.

Only so many miracles can stack up before someone says to themselves, “what if I spent all my creative brain cells designing for people like me?” And so, Cat Schmitz now welcomes us to fill our lives with radiant hues, laughter, and calming joy as she makes her way to becoming the next Martha Stewart, but perhaps an unabashedly fun, colorful, messy, no rules Martha!