• Hand holding eight green postcards with a variety of shades and patterns on them. The first postcard is polka dotted and other variations include mountains, clouds, and noodle shapes.
  • Photo of the back of a post card that shows the To lines, some decorative detail and the tagline that says if you feel it follow it.
  • Packaging shot of the postcard pack.

Postcard Variety Pack

Postcard Packs are meant for the social butterflies who might be a little too tired for an all-day hangout, but still have their besties in mind and want to spend time crafting a delightful handwritten note. This whimsical postcard pack features a variety of 8 different illustrations with unique designs on each back.


Regular price

Made in the USA out of recycled paper.


Each postcard measures 5" x 7"
There are eight postcards in the pack.

Care instructions

Dot your i's, cross your t's, and spellcheck before you send a postcard out.

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