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~ what we're hearing ~

  • I loved the colors and fun of putting my prints together in a set of four.  I have them above my bookcase in the bedroom.  They make me happy and they go with my decor! Going to buy more soon for the rest of the house.

  • OMG Cat, we LOVE the blanket!!!! My daughter is dragging it everywhere she goes.

  • Top down view of a sticker sheet with five stickers. The first sticker says nerd out, the second sticker says heck yes, the fourth sticker says its time for fresh air with cat schmitz and the fifth sticker says will you be my pen pal?

    I love the sticker packs and just ordered two :) I met you at a marketplace in NYC back in March and your art/motto has really stuck with me since as a recent college grad. Hope you’re doing well and love that I can finally have a piece of your art!

  • Front print of the pillow. The print is lime green on the background and big blue polka dots on top of the lime green.

    My husband and I have grown so attached to pillows that I have them on the couches year-round!  They go so well with our house and add such a pleasant perk and splash of color to our main space.