Verizon 5G Lab
Challenge Websites

The project:

Verizon’s 5G Lab runs several paid challenges throughout the year to inspire new thinking and prototyping around different types of technology and industry areas. The 5G Lab needed an easily deployable approach for creating Challenge websites that were well enough designed to be in a national campaign, while remaining easy enough to deploy without dozens of rounds of iteration with various internal stakeholders.

My role:

I lead the creative vision of the project, designed the templates, and managed the development team from concept to full launch.


Part of the challenge (no pun intended) was designing a system that was modular enough for challenges that had unique needs but still visually felt like every challenge was coming from the same space. We designed an application system with easily swappable sections, created an FAQ section to clearly address any nuances in the challenge without compromising design rigor, and created modules that will morph over the life of the challenge to highlight key phases, winners, and outputs.

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