Project Archive

In this archive, you’ll find old projects, student projects, passion projects, and experiments that didn’t quite have a spot on my main portfolio page, but still are important to me as a maker and a designer. 


Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge Website

I led the design process for the Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge website and digital presence. The Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge was a search to fund new types of educational technologies (powered by 5G) for middle school students.

Website here.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 8.18.50 PM.png


Facebook Instant Games: Square

I participated in an invite-only Game Jam where we made games for Facebook’s Instant Games platform. Our team’s game, Square, was a block-matching puzzle game with a zen aura.

Created with Pat King, Javier Olazabal, and Jay Suong.

Video here.

FJORD Lemonade Stand

During an immersive design week at FJORD, we did a design study that focused on determining consumer attitudes and actions relating to privacy.



Deadline: A Ransom Note Agency (Global Game Jam 2018)

It's your first day on the job as a professional ransom note designer. You're tasked with creating and transmitting ransom notes for masterminds who don't have the extra time to perfectly craft their criminal message. It's a busy season for them and you're here to help them out! Be quick though, because the deadlines are TIGHT.

Created with Pat King, Javier Olazabal, and Ryan Carper.

Video here.

Rats, Roaches, and Roombas (Global Game Jam 2019)

Rats, Roaches and Roombas is an ode to New York City living. With the latest hi-tech vacuuming technology, you must race to clean as much of your living space as possible. But beware! It's not just trash that you need to collect.... New York City locals are lurking.

Created with Neil Sveri, Javier Olazabal, Chris Hertwig, and Kelly Anlas.



Elizabeth Seton Video Installation

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Created with Pat King and Javier Olazabal.

Parsons Interactive Storytelling Symposium: ST_NE

ST_NE is an interactive, participatory story building experience developed for the opening remarks at the first annual Storytelling Symposium in New York City. Users visit a link to get a crowd-sourced word about VR and storytelling. Groups in the audience put their phones together to form phrases. 

Created with Pat King.



Narratives in Medical Education

My master’s thesis at Parsons School of Design focused on storytelling as an educational tool. I spent the year studying how storytelling could improve medical school education. I designed a series of interventions which prime medical students to understand the value of a patient’s narrative. I specifically focused on early childhood trauma and created an animated video as part of this intervention.

Rest in Peace, Fivepointz.

Media archive and event documentation of Fivepointz, a former graffiti mecca in Long Island City, New York.



R/GA Jukebox

R/GA Jukebox was an interactive, collaborative music player and visualizer. R/GA employees could add music to the playlist and interact with the visualizers through touch.