Verizon 5G Lab
External Website

The project:

The Verizon 5G Lab needed an externally-facing presence to accompany their new brand and showcase the different types of work and projects that they do. The site is also an opportunity for the Lab to capture interest for new partnerships, research, and trials.

My role:

In addition to leading the creative vision for the project, I designed the site and managed the entire process from initial concept to full launch. 


From a creative standpoint, this project required developing a new visual approach to represent the 5G Labs portfolio, that still felt true to the Verizon Master Brand. This required hands-on collaboration with Verizon’s photo team and agency team to develop custom design module and a new set of photography.

From a management standpoint, this project required working with and managing outputs from several teams: legal, brand compliance, our website development agency, and 5G Lab stakeholders.



The final creative execution required countless rounds of iteration that involved a close eye to copy, photography, and module design. We first had to establish a standard approach to 5G photography in the Lab that highlighted new technology in an easy-to-understand kind of way. A standard approach for 5G photography did not exist yet as 5G is so new as an infrastructure.

In addition to establishing a new approach for photography, we also had to balance the copy and tone of the project in a way that spoke to an audience of scientists and makers, without feeling too in-the-weeds or technical. Through the process, I also found that our Lab tends to like to over-communicate, so we had to learn how to be more concise with our words and only communicate about what really matters to the Lab.

Another important part of the process was learning when we needed to shift because our expectations didn’t match up to the reality. A prime example of this is that my initial design planned for a templated system for articles and thought leadership. The site was designed around being a hub for that content. Shortly into the project, I realized that even though this was a nice feature to have, the Lab shines strongest through in-person demos, short prototyping initiatives, and hands-on work. It was obvious to me that an article wouldn’t showcase this work in the best way possible. After this, we pivoted the strategy to focus on video recaps and events that will invite people in to the Labs.

The last piece of the puzzle was to create a site and digital presence that felt part of the rigorous design system, but still fulfilled many functional needs of the Lab. I worked with the creative team in charge of that design system to vet all of my designs and ensure brand consistency across new modules like timelines, event carousels, applications, and more.